Datong Overview

?    Datong, which is located in the north of Shanxi Province, is the center of northern Shanxi Province. It borders the Inner Mongolia to the north and Hebei Province to the east. Datong has 5 administrictive districts and 7counties, with an area of 141,130 ㎡ and a population of 2,848,000. It is 380 kilometers away from Beijing and 352 kilometers from Taiyuan.
    Located on the Loess Plateau, Datong has an altitude of between 700 and 1,400 meters above the sea level. The city’s climate is a warm continental climate, charactered by four different seasons with hot, humid and short summers, cold, dry and long winters, and cool springs and autumns. The annual average temperature is 6.8℃. The temperature here is very different in the day and at night.
    Datong has vast farmlands and the main agricultural products are maize, millet, oats, spring wheat, broomcorn millet, potatoes, flax bennes, daylily flowers, astragalus, sugarbeets, sunflowers etc.
    Datong has abundant mineral resources. It is famous for being the “Coal Howntown” of China. The coal reserve in this area amounts to 376.9 gigatons, which makes it one of most important industrial areas producing energy coal. Resources including black metals, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic minerals are abundant as well,such as iron, copper, aluminum, zincum, limestone, glimmer, graphite, marble, granite etc.
    Datong, which has a history of over 2,000 years, is one of the 24 Cultural and Historical Cities first proclaimed by our central government. There are over 20,000 ancient sites, tumuli, ancient architectures. Sixty ancient sites are under the protection of Shanxi Province or National government. World-known scenic spots includes the world culture heritage Yungang Caves and other relics under national and provincal protection, such as Huayan Temple, Shanhua Temple, Nine-Dragon Screen, Yinxian Wooden Temple ,Hanging Temple in Henshan Mountain, and others.
    Datong has an advanced transportation system. It is the railways hub of the Jingbao line and the Northern Tongpu line. People can reach Taiyuan, Beijing, Changchun, Baotou, and Hangzhou directly from Datong. Also, the Dayun, the Jingda, the Deda expressways begin in Datong. Buses of Datong Xinnan Station can reach Beijing ,Taiyuan and other cities of China directly.

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