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?    The campus network of Shanxi Datong University was first set up in 2001, when the school was formerly called Yanbei Teachers’ College. After upgrading in 2002 and 2006, the campus network gained access to the Internet by two lines. One line accesses to the public network at a rate of 100 mbps; the other connects to the China Education and Research Netwok at a rate of 2 mbps. The trunk link of the school’s Locla Area Network is 1000mbps, with the rate of 100mbps for each computer terminal. The Local Area Network covers the teaching area, office area, and living area of the campus, including teaching buildings, the science and technology building, the gymnasium, the laboratory building, the administration building, the multi-media building, staff buildings, dormitories etc. There are over 5,000 users of the school network, and the number of computers connected to the Internet has reached approximately 3000.
    Our university has many servers such as HP, DELL, LENOVO etc,by which basic network services, for example, TCPIP(Internet access), DNS, EMAIL, BBS, VOD, FIP, and anti-virus proteciton, can be offered. We have independently developed an office network system and an educational network system. Also, systems of educaitional administration, financial management, and library management have also been set up. The campus network provides access to many online databases such as Chinese National Science Digital Library, CNKI, SPRING-LINK ect. Students now have access to many network services such as resousrces-sharing, English studying, and score inqury.
    In the midst of developing the campus network, our school website has been under construciton. We give detailed information about our school history, instituation, educational condition, faculty and staff, the Communist Party’s Construction, students’activities, campus environment and other conditions. Many websites for specific subjects have been set up, such as a news network, an English-version school website, a network for advanced courses. Many department of our school have also set up their own websites. It promptly provides accurate and efficient information for foreigners who want to be acquainted with our school.

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