?    Now,we have established international exchange relations with two foreign universities.
    1.Fine Arts Department of Saint-Petersburg National University of Russia .
    In Aug.2005,our school contacted Saint-Petersburg National University of Russia on international exchange program.
    On the 6th of Jan.2006,the delegation from Saint-Petersburg National University came to our school to highlight the potential for further collaboration. They visited our campus,educational facilities,gallery. After sufficient dicussion,the two sides finally reached consensus about running school,teaching plans,educational expenditures,degree ratification,collaborative subjects and teaching assessment. During the bilateral meeting,they invited our school to Russia for further consultation.
    On the 29th of Jul. 2006,under the invitation of Saint-Petersburg National University, Zhang Guanlu, the Communist Party’s Secretary of our school, led a delegation to visit Saint-Petersburg National University.Our delegation visited painting rooms and gallerys of Fine-Arts School of the university.On the 2nd of Aug, after in-depth discussion, they and we reached an agreement and exchanged souvenirs.
    In Oct,the Internatial Education Cooperation Office of our school submitted the Application of Sino-Foreign Cooperation with Saint-Petersburg National University to the Foreign Affairs Department of the State Education Office of Shanxi Province.The State Education Office approved the Application.
    2.Five Departments of Bloomsbrug University of Pennsylvania of America
    In oct.2005,the vice-president of our school got contact with a Doctor of Bloomsbrug University.They made dialogue for potential cooperation and finally got an intention.
    On the 14th of Mar.2006,our school delegation led by Zhang Guanlu,the Communist Party’s Secretary of Datong University, met the delegation of Bloomsbrug University in Beijing.They made extentive and in-depth discussion on the exchange and cooperation program. Finally, they and we signed an agreement.
    In Apr.2006, the delegation of Bloomsbrug University visited our school. Entrusted by the President of their University, the delegation brought the Application Form for education collaboration. They gave detailed information about Bloomsbrug and Bloomsbrug University to our students.
    In Oct.2006, our International Office submitted the Application Form of Sino-Foreign Cooperation with Bloomsbrug University of Pennsylvania to the Foreign Affairs Department of the State Education Office of Shanxi Province.The Education Office approved the application.

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