School of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Statistics     Mathematics and Applied Mathematics     Computer Science and Technology 
School of Business
     Business Administration     Accounting    Tourist Management     Marketing Feng Feng 
School of agriculture
    Biology Engineering     Agriculture 
School of Educational Science and Technology
    Education Technology     Primary Education     Psychology    Network Engineering 
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    Applied Chemistry     Chemistry     
School of Engineering
    Civil Engineering     Automation    Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation
     Mining engineering    Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
School of Political and Law
    Science of Law      Political and Ideological Education 
School of Arts
    Art Designing     Music     Fine Arts 
School of Medicine
    Cinical Medicine     Beauty Medicine    Nursing Science    Chinese Medicine    Pharmacology 
School of Physics and Electronics Science
    Electronic Information Science and Technology     Optics Information Science and Technology     Physics 
School of Literature and History
    Journalism     Chinese Language and Philosophy     History 
School of Foreign Language
    English     Business English 
School of Physical Education
    Social Physical Education     Sports education 

ShanXi DaTong University

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