Party Affairs Organizations
         Office of Party Committee     Office of Discipline Inspection      Department of Organization
         Department of Publicity      Department of United Front      Department of Student Affairs
         Department of Campus Security       Department of People’s Armed Forces     Committee of Youth League
         Staff Union

Executive Departments
         Office of Presidential Affairs      Department of Personnel        Department of Teaching Affairs
         Department of Graduate Affairs      Office of Science and Technology         Department of Finance
         Department of Auditing        Department of Planning and Construction        Office of Retiree Affairs
         Department of Assets and Equipments       Office of Logistics Management         Office of Admissions

Directly Subordinate Departments
         Library       Archives        Networks Center        Audio-visual Education Center         University Hospital
         Center of International Cooperation and Exchanges        Editing Office of Journal of SDU        
         Editing Office of Newspaper of SDU         Office of Teaching Quality Management
         Office of University Industry Administration

ShanXi DaTong University

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