Brief introduction of the College of Chinese Literature

 Introduction of the College of Chinese Literature

There are two main majors in the college of the Chinese literature: Chinese language and literature and the Journalism major.

1. The major of Chinese language and literature is one of the earliest majors in our university, which has begun to recruit undergraduates since 1988. And this major obtained the right of bachelor's degree-award in 1998. In 2004, the discipline of literature and art was approved as a provincial-level subject by Shanxi Province Office of education; in 2007, the Department of Chinese language and literature was named provincial-level professional brand by Shanxi Province Office of education; in 2010, granted as the Sixth characteristics professionalism of college and universities by Ministry of education. At present, the major has two training levels, four years undergraduate education and upgrade from junior college to university education, with 2211 students in school. It has 91 professional teachers, including 7 professors, 26 associate professors, 14 doctors (Ph. D. students5), with 7 teaching and research sections, and 4 main research directions. It assumes 3 national philosophy and social science fund projects, and more than 20 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects. This major has obtained 1 excellent course of Datong University, 1 key subject in the University, and has academic platform as well: humanities and social science research base of college and universities in Shanxi province-- the Yungang culture research center and literature research institute on Liao and Jin Dynasty.

Major courses:

Modern Chinese


Introduction to Literature

Selected readings of Chinese modern and contemporary literature 
Selected readings of ancient Chinese literary

Ancient Chinese

Introduction to Linguistics

Chinese teaching theory

Ancient Chinese literature search

Foreign literature

The history of Chinese literary criticism


2. Journalism has begun to recruit undergraduate since 2001. In 2007, the Department of Journalism, college of Chinese and History was formally established. In past 12 years, Department of Journalism has experienced a hard journey, realizing the breakthrough of owning experimental equipment from scratch and great-leap-forward development in teaching and scientific research.

Since the very beginning, Journalism attaches great importance to students’ ability of practice, has trained more than 1600 application-oriented and qualified news propaganda talents. Graduates engaged careers which fit with the pluralistic and comprehensive ideas of Journalism. Most graduates engaged in the news media, enterprises and propagandistic institutions and other cultural institutions. From the feedback of the employer, journalism graduates have become the mainstay in the department and played an important role in various branches.

At present, Journalism has 15 full-time teachers, 5 part-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 4 associate professors, 8 lecturers, 2 assistants, and 14 teachers with master's degree. According to the requirement, Journalism has a comprehensive laboratory, which can carry out non-linear editing, founder Feiteng newspaper typesetting, AUDITION professional audio production, news photography, news photography and practical teaching, which is also equipped with HP server, disk array, printer, scanner, switches, 34 student machine and 1 teacher machine set, and more than 20 cameras, digital camera. Each news practice lesson will conduct at least three times.

In order to improve students’ practical ability, journalism has been tried to build a platform for students to practice professional skills and expand training areas, practice, providing a variety of media internship bases and offering the student more chances for cross-media practice. Recently, journalism has twinned with Shanxi news network, broadcast television and other provincial media. Students have achieved good performance in job market and well received by the employer after the theoretical study in class combined with the outside practice.

Major courses:

Modern Chinese

Basic writing

Chinese modern and contemporary literature and selected readings

Introduction to literature

Chinese ancient literature and selected readings

Foreign literature

Ancient Chinese

News theory

Chinese journalism history

History of Foreign Journalism

News interview and writing

Press photography

Journalism operation and management

Science of communication

Introduction of advertising

Newspaper editing

Radio and television journalism

News commentary

Network news media

Chinese ideational culture  

Advertising planning and creation

Journalism Law

Public relations

Media sociology

Media criticism

China Broadcasting and television news history

News psychology

Visual communication

Media studies

Television camera

TV planning

Speech and debate art

Chinese grammar study

Secretarial foundation

Formal logic

Outline of film and Television Arts

News documentary analysis


News editing

Television image language


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