Oversea Students Enrollment Program of Datong University

 Oversea Students Enrollment Program of Datong University

I. Brief Introduction of the University

Shanxi Datong University is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary university which derived from the combination of the former universities and colleges: Yanbei Normal Institute, Datong Medical College, Datong Advanced Vocational College, and Shanxi Industrial and Vocational Technical School. The Preparation of setting up Shanxi Datong University was launched in 2002, and formally established in March 2006 with the official approval of the Ministry of Education. The history of the university can be traced back to 1950s.

Shanxi Datong University is located in the famous historical and cultural city, Datong. The University covers an area of 141.4 hectares, building area 90.7 hectares, over 30,000 students in full-time education and 15,000 students receiving continuing education. The total value of teaching and scientific researching facilities stands for 2.8 billion RMB. The University library contains more than 2.15 million books.

At present, there are 16 colleges in Shanxi Datong University, one international cooperative education institution (International Exchange Center) and one attached hospital. It covers 56 undergraduate majors, 6 key constructive and supported subjects in provincial level, 3 national characteristic courses and one provincial subject. It covers 11 categories, including natural science, engineering, humanism, history, medicine, education, management, law, agronomy, art, agronomy, economics etc.

Nowadays, the University has 2226 staff in number are available, among which 1652 professional teachers, 572 with senior professor titles, are teachers with either doctor or master's degrees occupy 72.5%. There is one provincial key point lab and research base in the university.

   Shanxi Datong University is proud to uphold the school motto of sound morality, broad learning, careful reflection, sincere behavior, which promotes a school spirit of caring for the students, respecting the professors, advocating academia and developing personality. With the idea of cultivating applied talents, the university implements strategies which emphasize the culture while promoting high quality work, respect for talents and new scientific research. Shanxi Datong University strives to make breakthroughs in improving social services, strengthening university management, and constructing modern college systems. Every effort is being made to transform this university in Shanxi province, into an important centre for high level consultation, the cultivation of high quality talent and the achievement of high level scientific research.

II.  Education Abroad Program /Overseas Education program
Language program (long-term, short-term): apply to participate in the Chinese language and culture learning
Master the basic Chinese vocabulary and basic grammar points, have the fundamental abilities in speaking ,writing and cross-culture communication through 1-2 years systematical study, meet the basic requirements in daily life, study and social activities as well. Those who pass the term test will be awarded the certificate of Shanxi Datong University.
III. Fees
Tuition fee:

1.  Language students: 15000 RMB / year  
2 . Textbooks: each semester according to the actual price
3.  Health insurance:  600RMB / person / year
4 Physical examination fee: 260 RMB / person
5 Residence permit fee: 800 RMB / person
6 Accommodation: single room: 1200 RMB / person / month (independent bathroom, shower, TV, cable)
7 Accommodation deposit: 500 RMB / person ( one-time delivery; after checking out the necessities in the room kept intact, deposit will be paid back )

IV. Applicant Qualifications
Applicant must be at least 18 years old non-Chinese citizen with valid foreign passport, good health, moral integrity, willing to abide by the Chinese laws and school rules, respect the natives' living habits and customs. The undergraduate students should have high school certificate at least.

V. Application materials
1.  Application form

2.  Qualification documents must be the copy or notarized copy in English or Chinese.
3. Official transcripts of the graduate school must be the copy or notarized copy in English or Chinese.
4. Copy of passport, the passport must be valid ordinary passport.
5. Resume, must be Chinese or English version.
6. Guardian certificate.
VI.   Application procedure
1. fill in the application form for foreign students of Shanxi Datong University → submit the application materials to the international exchange center → the international exchange center will check the applicant’s qualification →pass the audit →(language student project) receive the admission notice from the International Exchange Center, in the late June or January send admission notice.
2. Application time 
the deadline of autumn (September) admission application is May 31st 
the deadline of spring (March) admission application is December 31st 
3. Time of enrollment 
the early March or September of every year, refer to the date in admission notice. The admitted students must fulfill the relative procedures according to admission notice, providing letter of admission, JW202 form,   passport, 8 pieces of 2 inch bareheaded photos to the international exchange center office of Shanxi Datong University for admission and registration.

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