?      Datong University of Shangxi Province is an amagalation of original four schools,including Yanbei Teachers’ University, Datong Medical College,Shangxi Vocational and Technical College, and Datong Vocational College
     Ⅰ. Yanbei Teachers’ University
     In 1958,Jinbei Teachers’ College was founded
     In 1962,this college was closed
     In 1976, Jinbei Teachers’ College was reopened and renamed Yanbei Teachers’ College
     In 1993, Yanbei Teachers’ College was expanded to Yanbei Teachers’ University
     Ⅱ. Datong Medical College
     In 1965, Datong Medical School was expanded to Datong Medical College
     Ⅲ. Shangxi Vocational and Technical College
     In 1950,Datong Coal Industry School was founded
     In 1958, it was expanded and renamed Datong Mining Technology School
     In 1959, Datong Mining Technology School was renamed Datong Coal Mining Technology College
     In 1961, the College was renamed Datong Coal Mining School
     In 1975,Staff’s University of Datong Mining Bureau was founded
     In 1984, Datong Coal Mining School was renamed Datong Technical School of Coal Industry
     In 1994, Staff’s University and Datong Technical School of Coal Industry mergered into Shangxi Technical College of Mining Industry
     In 2004,It was renamed Shangxi Vocational and Technical College
     Ⅳ.Datong Vocational College
     In 1999,Datong Teachers’ High School and Datong Teachers’ Training College combined into Datong Vocational College
     1.Datong Teachers’ High School
          In 1978, Datong Teachers’ College was founded
          In 1984,Yunzhong College was founded
          In 1990, Datong Teachers’ College was mergered into Yunzhong College
          In 1993, Yunzhong College was renamed Datong Teachers’ High School
     2.Datong Teachers’ Training College
          In 1984, Datong Teachers’ Training College was founded

ShanXi DaTong University

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